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Rachael Warner Fiber Studio



Why do we love objects?


Carefully apportioning her time and energy Rachael Warner is the founder & principal designer at Spratters & Jayne. She’s also an artisan, working in her home and NYC studio to create works entirely by her own hand and overseeing the assistance of local craftswomen to create lush wearable art and limited edition accessories. 

Mixing her passion for art, photography and music with a lifelong fascination for handcraft and fiber art, Rachael’s work is a dichotomy of seeming contradictions. Evoking both a boldness of character with a subtle charm and attention to detail characteristic of fine art.

Her materials are chosen both for their formal aspects, color, texture and feel as well for the story and history behind them. Exquisitely soft, hand colored yarns and hand shredded, recycled silks become tools to further her discourse on the emotional connections we have with objects.


Silk and Merino Fabric Necklace Merino Fringe Wrap Recycled Silk Wrap Fiber Wrapped Stackable Bracelets

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