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Vote with your Buck

Posted on 17 February 2017


2017- It's Happening!

Every day makes it more clear how the little choices of daily life have BIG consequences. Like a lot of you, the events of the last year created a sense of urgency for us and we've felt a deep need to align our beliefs and actions even more than we thought we could before.

 For our company and our family, one of the most impactful things we could do was to start banking with an institution that shared our concerns about the planet and the life on it. Along the way we found a lot of green washing and some truly great options. We wanted to pass the best along. It's taken us a while to make the shift, and we know it's not an option available to everyone. But if you have the ability, do yourself a favor and go for it. IT FEELS GREAT!

Amalgamated  Amalgamated has a proud history of social justice and supporting the working class. Started 93 years ago by the Amalgamated Textile Worker's Union, its importance today seems as vital as it must have then. Among their many assets, Amalgamated is a certified B Corp and Does Not Invest in Pipelines.

Brooklyn Cooperative The Coop has a broad outreach program that offers individual financial counseling, classes and tax prep. Each checking account comes with a savings account and perhaps best of all, ALL the money is invested back into the neighborhoods!

Spring Bank is a community bank with locations in the Bronx and Harlem. They're also a certified B Corp and are dedicated to providing first class, reliable financial products to EVERYONE, with attention to individuals, small business and non-profits.

What about the rest of the country you ask?

Good Question. Community Banks and  Federal Credit Unions are an overall great choice. Keep in mind that the entire banking system is a sort of ecosystem itself. Credit Unions have stakeholders and sometimes those may be other banks. Even still your choice is important. Once again it seems we're all in this together.



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